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Season 5 BTS Castle pictures

A number of behind the scenes pictures have been added to the gallery and more will be on the way so stay tuned (‘:

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5×01 “After the Storm” promotional stills

The moment all you guys have been waiting for a sneak view at the season 5 premiere of Castle. The promotional stills from the very first episode have now been added to the gallery.

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Castle season 5 scoop from entertainment weekly

While sifting through all the amazing tweets of thanks I’ve been sent this week in response to the Castle article in EW’s Fall TV Preview, I realized that there were a few burning questions many of you had. So I’ll go ahead and tackle those now!

+ Will Beckett and Castle stay together for good?
While I won’t say “for good” (because there’s just no way of me looking that far into the future), I will echo what creator and executive producer Andrew Marlowe told me: “I think it would be unfair to the audience to have them invest all this time and all this time together only to pull the rug out. I think that was one of the fundamental mistakes they made in Moonlighting. They got them together and then they split them up.”

+Is Maddox the big bad this season?
Well, if you didn’t already hate this guy, you’ll definitely hate him in the premiere — largely because he’s the thorn that bursts our happy couple’s Bubble of Happiness. “When we left last season, we know that whatever bubble Castle and Beckett wake up in, she’s still under active threat,” Marlow reminds us. “And in the last scene, Maddox said, ‘When I have those files, I’m going to put Beckett into the ground.’ And we know he’s close to getting those files. So as is often the case, in a moment of bliss, real life intrudes and the characters have to deal with that and deal with it in a new way, given where they are in the world.”

+ Will there be a two-parter this season?
Maybe. And if we see one, it will not be like any of the ones from past seasons. “We’ll probably do something different — something a little more personal,” says Marlowe.

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Castle and Beckett’s romance sets the stage for a thrilling year ahead

Zap2it have seen the season 5 promo of Castle and this is the news they had to dish.

The Heat Is On: Don’t expect any morning-after regrets between Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic). As we saw in the recent promo for Season 5, the pair are positively glowing. And both enthusiastically agree that their night of passion was no one-time (or, four-time!) fling. As they get busy making up for lost time, you can count on their transition from colleagues to lovers to be perfectly natural (unlike many fizzled TV pairings) and absolutely adorable.

Our Little Secret: One of the most entertaining aspects of the premiere involves Castle and Beckett’s efforts to keep their romance a secret. We’re not sure how long they can contain the news (or themselves), but as showrunner Andrew Marlowe told me after the epic Season 4 finale: “Once people get together, there are plenty of fun challenges, relationship obstacles to overcome [and] really uncomfortable, great, wonderful, crazy, challenging moments that they’re going to have to face.”

New Big Bad: In addition to a brand-new villain, Season 5 introduces one big badass…and her name is Kate Beckett. Emboldened by her updated relationship status, Beckett finds a new confidence — which she needs to cope with the latest threat from the conspiracy surrounding her mother’s murder. How she copes will amaze you — Beckett does something so shocking and unexpected in the last scene that you’ll be more excited about the episodes to come than ever before. We guarantee it.

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Season 4 Bloopers

The season 4 bloopers were recently released on the internet (and can be seen below). The bloopers will be a feature on the Season 4 DVD release on September 11th so don’t forget to pre-order your copy.

Latest Mega Buzz Spoilers

Any Castle scoop? Will we see Beckett’s therapist again this season?— Rachel, via Twitter

ADAM: Not right away. Beckett’s new relationship with Castle is perhaps a sign that her visits with Michael Dorn‘s character last season helped. However, creator Andrew W. Marlowe isn’t ruling out the possibility of Beckett returning to the couch later in the season. “We like having that option there,” he says. “When things get even more complicated around midseason, it’s important for Beckett to have some folks to talk to, whether it’s [her therapist] or Lanie or someone else.”

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Latest Spoilers From Ausiello

Question: Okay, after watching that new Castle promo, Sept. 24 can’t come soon enough. Can you tell us anything else about the season premiere? —Cheryl

Ausiello: I’d much rather flash forward to November sweeps and tell you to be on the lookout for a big twist involving the return of [spoiler].

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2012 PRISM Awards Ceremony

Stana Attends The 2nd Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards

Stana was out on the red carpet again last night, marking her third event appearance in the past seven days, this time attending the 2nd Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Award presenter Stana Katic wore a black dress and metallic heels at the event. The Canadian actress wore Black Halo as IDed by The Fashion Patrol. The mini dress fit Stana perfectly. Her v-neck LBD had cap sleeves and a draped peplum detail. Stana’s voluminous fish-bone plait was a tad overwhelming, but all in all, Ms. Katic’s red carpet turn at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards was a success.
- Celebs gather

Images from last nights events have been added to the gallery. The links are below.

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New Photoshoot added

Thanks to CPi Syndication, images from Stana’s shoot for Chatelaine magazine are now available. (All photoshoots Stana has done are yet to be uploaded fully so stay tuned for a mass upload of photos xD).

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